"Gucci Talk Show" Campaign Hosted By James Corden Welcomes Harry Styles

Gucci has the late night talk show game ‘in the bag’ in a different way than you may have imagined. The luxury brand has quite possibly just launched the most creative campaign ever seen, and has proven once again how they became leaders in their industry. Taking their fashion game to the next level, Gucci has enlisted Harry Styles, Serena Williams, Diane Keaton, Dakota Johnson, Sienna Miller and Awkwafina for a very special project. They are taking part in a faux-talk-show set up with none other than James Corden in order to promote the Gucci brand. Page Six reports that the premise of the campaign is to create the semblance of a talk show, during which the celebrities are adorned in head to toe Gucci, and feature a specific Gucci Beloved bag.

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This clever promotion completely changes Gucci’s advertising landscape and features the most beloved Gucci bag in a stunningly creative manner. Using the talk show platform enables each celebrity ‘guest’ to put their bag on full display, maximizing the exposure of the bags in a seemingly casual, natural manner.

According to People; “The Beloved campaign spotlights the Italian house’s four most beloved handbag styles… the Dionysus, the GG Marmont, the Gucci Horsebit 1955 and the Jackie 1961.

Each celebrity is drenched in Gucci gear that completely represents their individual personalities, and they engage in hysterical, light-hearted conversations with James Cordon that truly inspire them to relax and enjoy the experience as if they were truly part of his talk show.

People breaks down the individual styles of each guest by stating; “Each star filmed their own snippet on the Beloved Talk Show, where Styles has a belly laugh with Corden, Williams soaks in the applause of fans, Keaton serenades viewers in song, Miller gets lost backstage at the studio, Johnson has trouble getting a word-in and Awkwafina hilariously confronts Corden.”

As each celebrity stepped onto the stage for their ‘talk show moment’ with Corden, they had a chance to model their Gucci clothing and talk about their “Beloved Bag” in an interactive, descriptive manner. The Gucci bags on display paid homage to some of their most legendary styles, as well as some contemporary designs, and each one was perfectly matched with the celebrity that presented them.

Corden gets points for being hilariously engaging and incredibly believable. The advertising campaign truly unfolded as though it was a natural talk show that was unfolding, and didn’t at all seem like the meticulously curated campaign that it was.

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Sources: Page Six, Vogue, People

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