Groom’s wedding proposal on boat goes wrong when he forgets to turn engine off

A marriage proposal was caught on video going bit pear-shaped when the groom decided to pop the question on a boat – but forgot the engine was still on.

In the hilarious clip, uploaded on Tiktok by user @amandamarriiee, the romantic bloke is standing on the edge of one boat as he delivers a speech to his bride-to-be on another boat.

"It's like a fairytale," says a spectator in the background.

Just as he is getting to the part about being in love and spending the rest of their lives together, his girlfriend appears to get emotional holds her hands up to her face.

Suddenly, he accidentally leans on a lever and the boat accelerates and throws his girlfriend to the floor – with a flying kick going to his head as she goes down.

The clip appears to cut out before the boat crashes and Amanda, who is the person filming the disastrous proposal, is clearly shocked.

In the caption with the video, she wrote: "My mom's friend just got proposed to today and just wait for it…"

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Unsurprisingly, the funny video was a huge hit and received more than 190,000 "likes" and thousands of comments.

Getting quickly with a couple of puns, one viewer quipped: "Look like that ship has sailed. No, I'll try again… he missed the boat."

Joining in, a second user joked: "She was floored."

Some people were confused about why anyone would want to stage a proposal on a boat in the first place.

"Why did he not just get in the boat with her?" asked one.

"Well why would he ever decide to do it like that?" said another.

Many other people were concerned that the bloke might have hit his head or even that the engagement ring could have dropped in the water, never to be seen again.

In an update in the comments section, Amada said: "Everone is okay! The ring is safe!"

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