Food Network Is Airing 5 New Episodes of The Pioneer Woman Shot by Ree Drummond's Daughters

Ree Drummond Makes Her TikTok Debut Dancing with Her Daughters on Their Ranch

In each episode, Drummond makes easy comfort food from pantry staples — like taco shells and cheese, melty cheesy toast, and turtle mug cake.

“There are many bloopers and awkward moments,” Drummond said on her Instagram stories where she announced the project on Monday.

The Food Network star shared a few funny clips from filming with her followers. “I don’t know how, but we actually made a whole show!” she captioned the first video in which she takes a bite of the turtle mug cake. Lots of giggles can be heard in the background as something is flung across the room. “My children are throwing things at me now. They’re so precious,” jokes Drummond.

The Pioneer Woman: Staying Home special episodes premiere Saturday, April 11 at 10 a.m. on Food Network.

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