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ALDI normally reins in shoppers for its tempting discounts and slashed Specialbuy items.

However, we reveal which items should you add to your basket and those that you should avoid altogether.

Aldi stocks plenty of food as well as a host of everyday household products at already low prices.

The cost of living crisis means prices are rising and shoppers are forking out more for goods on supermarket shelves. Therefore it's important to grab a bargain when you can.

Bagging deals at Aldi can be a good way to make your wallet happy too.

However, you shouldn't grab every item from Aldi just because of its budget reputation.

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Whilst a bargain egg chair or chocolate deal sounds appealing, there's some items you should simply avoid.

We reveal the five things you should always buy at Aldi – and some products that should stay at the back of the shelf too.

The items you should always buy at Aldi


Aldi is known for its own brand products and the chocolate aisle is one of the best places to start finding them.

Parents can even make a fun game with their kids where they can try and guess what brand the products are trying to imitate as Aldi's packaging is often close in style.

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Titans for example are the 62p dupe of Mars bars.

The pack of six costs £1.05 cheaper than a pack of Mars bars from the likes of Sainsbury's – where a four pack costs £1.65 to buy.

Customers can also bag an Aero chocolate bar dupe for as little as £1.09.


Whether you enjoy red wine, white wine or bubbles, Aldi has a large selection of wine to choose from.

You can get a bottle of Aldi's award winning organic Prosecco for £6.25.

There's over 150 white, red and sparkling products that you can choose from, with the cheapest bottled starting at £5.49.

Friday night's fake-away

Aldi launched a range of snacks in 2021 inspired by McDonald's.

You can pick up chicken nuggets that all imitate our fast-food favourite.

The 12 chicken nuggets with dips box costs £1.89.

McDonald's box of nine chicken nuggets usually costs £4.39, so you'll get more for less as you'll save £2.50 and gain three more nuggets at Aldi.

Household items

Visiting the supermarket might not be what immediately springs to mind when you're thinking about refurbishing the house.

But Aldi is known for its spectacular Specialbuys, with items suited for every room in your home.

Specialbuys are products launched every Thursday and Sunday and cover a range of activities and hobbies, like DIY, health and beauty and sports and leisure.

But most things come pretty cheap, meaning shoppers love to cash in.

The supermarket sells a popular garden egg-chair for example that's much cheaper than rivals – and it sells-out in record time each time it's launched on the site.

Shoppers have even been able to bag sofa sets, water slides, and more in the past too.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that it's only a bargain if you were planning on buying it.

Baby and toddler

Buying essentials for your little ones could be done on a budget at Aldi.

Aldi shoppers can also pick up FREE nappies in-store with an easy-to-claim voucher.

Products to avoid

There are a few things to strike off the shopping list, as they're simply better off picking up elsewhere.

Household brands

Don't buy anything branded in Aldi, instead take advantage of their dupes.

You can buy Cadbury's and Nestle, but if you're after a quick chocolate fix you'd be better off buying a cheaper dupe instead.

If you want to grab a household name then head to Tesco with your Clubcard as you may get a cheaper price on high quality chocolate.

A 110g bar of Dairy milk chocolate is £1.17.


Aldi isn't really known for its infinite range of clothing – you can pick up items for women, men, kids and sometimes even pets but the choice is often small.

If you’re after budget fashion, you’re better off trying Asda’s George range or something from F&F at Tesco.

Both the supermarkets regularly hold sales on their impressive stock of clothing too, so you can bag an even better bargain.

A new hot tub

While Aldi prides itself on its bargain Specialbuys, you might want to give one major garden item a miss.

A cheap hot tub might cost you more in the long run – especially when it comes to your energy bills and the rising energy cap.

That's according to the energy saving experts at Loop who say the least energy efficient models – which are often the cheapest ones – could add a whopping £300 per month to your electricity bills.

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If you make sure to buy all the gear to go with it, including covers and other means of insulation you'll be sure to keep your costs minimal though and waste less energy.

But it does mean an extra spend on top of the bargain buy – so you could be better off opting for a more expensive and higher quality tub in the first place.

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