First for the Crown: Kate Middleton and William perform subliminal & unique signals

Kate Middleton's parenting 'honesty' discussed by Murphy

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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William met while studying at university. They now have three children and regularly undertake royal engagements. What does their body language show?

As well as appearing together, the couple also have their own separate interests and will emerge solo.

The Duchess has also appeared on behalf of Queen Elizabeth several times since she joined the Royal Family.

However, when they do undertake duties as a couple, there are signals that could mean they will be a “first for the crown”, according to one expert.

Speaking to, body language expert Judi James explained that the couple will bring something “unique” to the monarchy when Prince William becomes King, due to their signals.

She explained: “No royal couple in UK history has shown such an even status balance and style of compatibility.

“Previous and current royals, including Charles and Camilla, have tended to be much more obvious in their displays of royal protocol pecking-order.”

Judi added that their relationship tends to be defined by their intense and often “subliminal” mirroring signals.

On regular occasions, the Duchess and William will often be seen sitting in the same position or standing in the same position.

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The expert went on: “Postural and gestural echoing behaviour like theirs is usually a sign of like-minded thinking.

“William and Kate tend to mirror one at the same time without conscious copying, suggesting similar personalities and a strong ‘team of two’ vibe.

“Their strong choreography looks natural, suggesting their approach to the throne will be equally like-minded in terms of their understanding of the job and how it needs to be done.

“Couples will often have to use tie-signs to communicate in public, using small glances or touches to announce their intention to take over a conversation or to keep track of the other partner’s thoughts and feelings, but the Cambridge’s’ seem to be in tune enough to not need this kind of silent shorthand.”

Judi also previously revealed that when either Kate or William is speaking, the other will often listen intently, as if they were part of the audience.

The expert continued: “This kind of evenly-balanced, peas-in-a-pod team-ship/sharing relationship will be a first for the crown, suggesting high levels of focus and a joint understanding of how the job should be filled.”

The most recent outing from Kate came last week when she visited The Urban Nature Project at The Natural History Museum. 

The Duchess looked relaxed in her pale blue jeans as she found out about the project.

Kate was also pictured smiling several times.

When William and Kate are together, Judi explained that they use “rituals” of “compatible” smiling when their smiles are aimed at one another rather than the public.

She said: “While their public smiles are pitch-perfect, they lack the kind of muscle tension or muscle pulling that will often betray an inauthentic, performed smile.

“No smile that has been held for the length of time the Cambridge’s hold them can be totally genuine but, like The Queen Mother, they have both acquired the knack of the held smile that lacks the kind of rigidity that gives it away as fake.”

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