Elizabeth Olsen Casually Appears to Reveal That Robbie Arnett Is Her 'Husband'

While describing the makeshift bathroom set she was conducting her interview with Kaley Cuoco in, Olsen said that her “husband” had added a special feature for her: “He’s such a f—— cutie!”

Elizabeth Olsen may have let drop something she was keeping way down on the downlow during an interview with actress Kaley Cuoco for “Variety’s Actor on Actors” series of chats.

Perhaps it was because the moment came during a casual aside in the interview, which covered her work in the acclaimed “WandaVision” series and more, that the famously tight-lipped actress might have let slip that she and long-time significant other, Robbie Arnett.

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Talking about where she was filming her portion of the interview, Olsen laughed that she was actually in a bathroom. “I’ve been in the U.K. for seven months, and I got back two days ago, and my neighbor is doing so much construction to their backyard,” she explained. “I can still hear it and I’m in the furthest bathroom.”

While looking around her little makeshift set, it was an unexpected detail that caught her eye and precipitated the apparent slip. TooFab has reached out to reps for Olsen for comment.

“I also just noticed that my husband put ‘Little Miss Magic.’ You know, the ‘Little Miss’ books?” she asked Cuoco. “They’re these classic books but ‘magic’ because of ‘WandaVision’ because he’s such a f—— cutie.”

Variety themselves pulled out the moment, dropping it into a tweet and cheekily referred to “Elizabeth Olsen’s husband (who she’s married to, by the way).”

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The couple was widely reported to have gotten engaged back in 2019, but they’ve never commented on the news themselves. In fact, they were purportedly together for half a year in 2017 without saying anything before going red carpet official in September of that year.

Since then, they’ve only appeared sporadically together at official events and have never really talked much about their relationship at all. As ET noted, Olsen told “Modern Luxury” that year that she picked up some tips on how to keep her private life just that from her notoriously private sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

One piece of advice they gave her is to never assume that no one is reading or listening to interviews. “They’d say, ‘You know, even if you don’t think anyone’s going to read this article, someone might pull the quote later,'” she told them. Certainly, that is the case.

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