Dom Whalley Delivers Some ‘Positivity’ With Help From A Giant Rabbit Head In New ‘Ride’ Video

After the pandemic left him falling down an ‘endless rabbit hole of dreams,’ singer Dom Whalley channeled those ‘dizzying thoughts’ into his surreal music video.

At first glance, someone might think, ‘Wow, the next Alice In Wonderland movie looks amazing,’ but what they’re watching is, in fact, the new video from Dom Whalley. The LA-based multi-instrumentalist (and founding member of the electronic band JUNGLE) brings you “Ride,” premiering here at HollywoodLife. At the start of a video, a woman with a rabbit head goes swinging on a lake out in the desert, and from there, it gets delightfully odd. Palm trees, empty streets, and sand dunes dot the scenery as Dom, as he sings on the track, goes to “conquer my craves” of his love. “I will follow you, so pick up the pace,” he sings on the chorus. “I want to fall into waves with you / Gonna lose my mind chasing, chasing you.”

The use of Wonderland imagery is a tried-and-true element of music (ask anyone with a copy of Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow in their collection.) However, Dom explains how “Ride” puts his unique spin on chasing the “rabbit,” telling HollywoodLife that this song is about his relationship with the road. “ ‘Ride’ is a song I wrote at the start of the global pandemic while in London, where I was stuck, far away from home,” says Whalley. “I had just moved in with my wife Mackenzie Munro (director and star of video).”

“The track is essentially positive – and has bounce – which translates what I feel is imperative to the daily push for inspiration as a musician, pandemic or not. But like the rest of my debut solo album, Two Birds, there is more under the surface,” says Dom. “I had toured for seven years with Jungle as percussionist and synth player, and the buzz of endless world tours was still with me. I truly feel I was born for the road, but when the borders closed and I was at my piano, I sang about these festering cravings.”

So, while “Ride” will be the perfect addition to the Spotify playlist you send to your crutch or the song you use for your next amorous TikTok video, know that Dom is singing about craving life on the road. “Not being able to be where I wanted – following an endless rabbit hole of dreams, wants and needs, never taking me anywhere only leaving me exhausted and in a limbo,” he adds. “I suppose ‘Ride’ is me talking to those dizzying thoughts that I was left with – the video speaks to that too.”

It’s easy to see the meaning behind the metaphor, with Dom chasing the rabbit – who happens to be his wife – through some wide-open scenery. It’s a gorgeous visual representing freedom, perfectly paired with his electro-pop bop, perfect for those summer nights when you want to jump in your car and take a ride anywhere or nowhere in particular. Be sure to tune into Dom when Two Birds flies your way later this year.

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