Doctor warns of mistake men make in the shower that can cause infection

While taking a shower is something you probably do on autopilot, there’s more to the practice than water, skincare products and scrubbing.

You might not give the common practice too much thought, but there are important areas you shouldn’t miss.

An NHS GP has warned that men could be making a simple mistake when showering which could lead to bacterial and fungal infections.

Doctor Sooj has taken to TikTok to highlight the importance of washing your penis properly.

Calling his warning a “public service announcement”, the doctor explained why considering this part of your body in the shower is key.

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@doctorsooj Doctor explain why it is important to wash your genitals | smegma build up. #doctorexplains #smegma #menshealth #discharge ♬ original sound – Dr Sooj

While his warning concerned mainly those who are uncircumcised, the doctor explained his advice is based on “numerous cases” he’s seen over the last few months.

Dr Sooj said: “If you’re not circumcised, then please make sure that every single time you shower or bathe, you pull your foreskin all the way back and clean around the base of the glans penis. This is the base of the helmet.”

“If you don’t do this then it can lead to a build-up of smegma, which is a thick cheese-looking discharge that builds up around the genitals.”

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The foreskin can trap oils, skin cells and other fluids, creating an ideal environment for smegma to accumulate.

Worryingly, this can then lead to things like “bacterial and fungal skin infections”, according to Dr Sooj.

He explained that to prevent these health problems from occurring, you just need to follow a simple hygiene tip.

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He said: “All you have to do is gently pull your foreskin back when you’re in the shower or you’re bathing, and clean your genitals with warm water.”

The Cleveland Clinic also recommends using a clean washcloth or your hands to wash the skin under your foreskin with soap and water.

The health portal added: “The skin in these areas is sensitive, so it’s a good idea to use a mild soap free of perfumes, dyes or alcohol.”

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