Doc says women shouldnt hover above public loos as it may cause incontinence

An NHS surgeon has explained what could happen if you hover above a public toilet instead of letting your bum touch the seat.

Dr Karan Rajan, who has nearly 4 million followers on his @dr.karanr TikTok channel, warned people not to damage their organs.

In a video, he uploaded on Sunday (May 30) he says: "Never hover above a public toilet."

"When you hover, the muscles of the pelvic floor tense up and put pressure on your urethra.

"This makes it harder for using to flow making you push harder.

"Repeated straining can cause pelvic organ prolapse leading to incontinence."

He adds: "Hovering can lead to incomplete bladder emptying giving you the urge to pee more frequently and increasing bladder infections."

The doctor recommended covering the toilet seat with toilet paper if it helped people feel less squeamish.

"Don't hover, cover!" he said in the comments and clarified that squatting is not the same as hovering.

Unsurprisingly, the video proved to be very popular and was watched more than 700,000 times, sparking a debate between those that hover and those that cover and the people who don't care either way.

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One person commented: "I've hovered for 20 years and had no issues. If you saw the state of the women's loos you would also hover!"

"I've always hovered and no problems!" someone else chimed in.

Another person argued: "In my experience, the ones that hover are the ones peeing on the seats in the first place so they are the reason hoverers hover."

Explaining their logic, someone else said they were never scared to sit properly on a public toilet.

They commented: "I always sit fully on toilets I don't even cover. My logic is that I share a toilet with my dad.

"No public toilet is worse than that. I'll be fine."

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