Dillian Whyte calls out UFC KO kings Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou for crossover fights in boxing and MMA – The Sun

DILLIAN WHYTE has offered out two of the UFC’s scariest heavyweights for a cross-sport showdown.

The Brixton boxing star is currently the WBC’s No1 challenger for Tyson Fury’s title and should have been fighting ex-world champ Alexander Povetkin on May 2, before COVID-19 struck.

But before he waged war on boxing’s big-money division, the teenage Body Snatcher was a terrifying force in European kickboxing and MMA.

Unlike a number of boxers who have toyed with the money-spinning idea of facing an MMA fighter, like Floyd Mayweather did when he played with Conor McGregor in 2017, Whyte has the skills and credentials to make a real deal.

And the 28-1 bruiser is not interested in easy warm-up fights if UFC kingpin Dana White makes the call, with monsters like reigning champ Stipe Miocic and powerhouse Francis N’Gannou on his radar.

From his locked-down Portugal training camp, Whyte said: “I would fight in the UFC, definitely, no problem.

“Ideally I’d want to fight someone in a UFC fight and a boxing match, one of each, either way round, Dana White can hit me up anytime.

“I would fight Stipe Miocic, you just have to keep him moving.

“I know he would try to take me down but I might put him to sleep before he gets the chance.

“I’ll fight Francis N’Gannou too, he would be my ideal fight, he’s the man but he’s got no chin.”

Whyte, whose favourite big-fight catchphrase is “Maximum Violence”, won two British and one European kickboxing titles, spending five years ranked No1 in the UK in his weight class, leaving with a 20-1 record.

In December 2008 he moved very briefly into MMA, delivering a sensationally early KO, before deciding to focus on boxing.

In the middle of a gruelling weights session, after relaxing with a few practice headkicks, Whyte recalled his previous career and considered his one weakness if he returned to mixed martial arts.

He said: “All those MMA fighters would just try to take me down, that’s the only way they would try to beat me.

“But I had a guy try to take me down when I fought in MMA and I laid him out inside 12 seconds.

“I was only 18 back then, he dived in to take me down and I gave it to him, laid him straight out.”

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