Diletta Leotta opens up on Ibrahimovic dating rumours and slams claims her boobs got her sports presenter job

ITALIAN sports presenter Diletta Leotta has opened up on those Zlatan Ibrahimovic dating rumours.

And she also slammed claims that she was only given her job because of her boobs.

The 29-year-old was in a relationship with super-middleweight boxer Daniele Scardina, but distanced herself from rumours of a relationship with married man Ibrahimovic.

Leotta said: "I do not deny anything about the Daniele relationship, it was a great love of my life, then it ended.

"Being with a busy man is unacceptable for my principles, with all the choice in the world you have to have the clarity not to put yourself in the wrong situations."

AC Milan striker Ibra, 38, and Diletta met during lockdown when they filmed an advert for Buddyfit – a training app.

The pair were apparently then spotted at a restaurant in Sardinia together where Leotta was celebrating her 29th birthday on the island.

Front pages of numerous Italian newspapers had splashed on wild claims about the pair's close relationship.

And Italian magazine Chi even went with the headline "the surprise couple of the summer" on their cover.

But this has been denied by Leotta's representatives who say there is "no relationship" between the pair.

A spokesperson told SunSport: "There is no comment to make as there is no relationship between the two apart from a professional collaboration as Ambassador of Buddyfit."

Leotta is a presenter for sports streaming service DAZN in Italy.

But she faced harsh trolls who said she was only given the job because of her 'cleavage'.

Leotta hit back: "In my opinion, clichés kill femininity.

"We cannot yield to the stereotypes that women cannot talk about football or politics if they have a cleavage.

"But in every workplace, there are also positive examples."


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