Def Jam Philippines Launches 'Rekognize' Project With Debut EP 'Nite N' Day'

Def Jam is making its way to the Philippine shores with the launch of its Rekognize project.

Debuting the initiative’s first of four EPs, Nite N’ Day, the record includes lead singles “Beautiful day” by by Mike Swift, D-Coy, Alisson Shore, kiyo and Mark Beats, plus “Atin Ang Gabi” by Al James, Legit Misfitz, K24/7 and Calvin De Leon. “I chose to look for raw talents, develop and mold them and have that chemistry and bond with each other until they ‘make it’ and have that superstar status and create monster hits. We look for artists that are creatively genuine, amazingly talented, world-class and have a great character and good working attitude, humble but confident, and can have a long-lasting and fruitful relationship together with our team,” Allan Mitchell “Daddy A” Silonga, A&R Senior Manager of Def Jam Philippines, said in a statement.

The Rekognize project is a hip-hop celebration involving over 120 artists and 14 music producers from the old and new schools of hip-hop. It’s set to introduce Def Jam Philippines’ young lineup and shine a light on the rich and diverse Filipino hip-hop and R&B movements on the global stage. “I truly believe that if you have that love for the culture, it can work and I really feel it in my gut, hoping that the same heart, passion, and energy will be shared. This won’t be Def Jam Philippines’ success alone but also the whole Pinoy hip-hop and R&B communities, too,” Daddy A added.

Def Jam Philippines’ lineup includes VVS Collective, 13-year-old Tiffany Lhei, lyrical rapper SCYE, R&B singer-songwriter DonWilson, Eureika, Atlanta-born Tommie King, J-Nine, Fateeha and JMara.

Stream Def Jam Philippines’ Nite N’ Day on Spotify.

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