Deepak Chopra on money and fulfillment: Times of 'adversity' are meant for 'opportunity'

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Deepak Chopra, speaking recently to Fox News Digital during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, said that his latest book, "Abundance: The Inner Path to Wealth," was inspired by a lyric allegedly written by Bob Marley. 

The lyric, he said, notes that "some people are so poor, all they have is money."

True wealth, said Chopra, a holistic health expert and best-selling author, is hardly about dollars and cents and nothing else.

Ultimately, he said, it's about much deeper and more important issues such as "security and safety … love and belonging."


Living with "abundance" is not just about one's personal or financial situation but extends to "all those with whom you interact," he said.

"Americans are used to spending money that they haven't earned, to buy things that they don't need, to impress people that they don't like," Chopra pointed out.

"That creates a lot of stress. So first of all — stop doing that," he said bluntly. 

"Be frugal in these times."

He added, "Secondly, this is a time for opportunities, also." 

Far too many Americans, suggested Chopra, are “used to spending money that they don’t have, to buy things that they don’t need, to impress people that they don’t like.” (iStock / iStock)

"Start looking at investments right now … [including in] technologies that are actually changing the way we see the future of well-being." 

Among the technologies he mentioned: digital therapeutics, robotic healing, robotic surgery and telemedicine. 

“We are dedicated to creating NFTs that make a difference in the world.”

"There are a lot of opportunities right now" in these and other areas, he suggested.

He discussed NFTs as well.


"We have a company … that has launched NFTs for social good," he said — including those who can be considered "climate change refugees."

"Our company is dedicated to creating NFTs that make a difference in the world," he said.

In this photo illustration, the logo of NFT, short for Non Fungible Token, is seen on the screen of mobile phone with a stock chart on the screen of a laptop in the background. (Photo by Davide Bonaldo/Sipa USA)

He said that in these difficult times, "you have to be alert — what people call ‘good luck’ is just opportunity meeting preparedness … Times of inflation and adversity," he added, "are actually times of opportunity."

In terms of jobs and ambition, Chopra said, "I think the old paradigm was all about competition, and it worked."

"But the new paradigm," he added, includes cooperation and a shared vision of success by all parties involved, he explained.

Chopra is founder of The Chopra Foundation, a nonprofit entity focused on research into well-being and humanitarianism, as well as Chopra Global, "a modern-day health company at the intersection of science and spirituality." 

He is a pioneer in integrative medicine and "personal transformation" — as well as the author of some 90 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. 


His next book, due out in January 2023, is called, "Living in the Light: Yoga for Self-Realization."

Kelsey Koberg and Andrew Murray, both of Fox News Digital, contributed reporting to this article.

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