Darts fans come up with new ideas for Premier League format as PDC defend revamp

The Premier League’s new format has triggered a mixed reaction from darts fans.

The darting roadshow has undergone a major revamp this year. A mini tournament now takes place each night with quarter-finals, with the winner on each night picking up five points, the runner-up three and each losing semi-finalist two.

PDC chief executive Matt Porter is happy with how the changes have been received and the format looks set to stay in place for a few years at least. However, he has stressed it will change again at some point in the future as the governing body looks to keep the tournament fresh.

“If you look at the history of the Premier League, the format has always evolved,” he said. “It’s never stayed the same for that many years, whether it’s the number of players or elimination or contenders/challengers, now the mini competition format.

“This won’t be the format forever, this will be the format until there’s something better we can be doing. When it’s roughly the same players every year, you’ve got to do something with the format to keep it fresh, otherwise it’s just the same every year.”

However, some fans would like to see the format tweaked in time for the 2023 edition of the tournament. Some would welcome a return to the old format while others have come up with innovative new ideas on social media.

CA Chatham suggested: “Top 16 & if the Masters winner isn't in it then one gets replaced. Separate into two groups of 8 which alternate each week. Top 4 from each group quality for league's elite 8 for the chance to reach the final four. Keeps it fresh until the finals, and expands everything the PDC, players, and fandom desire.”

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Sad Ken offered: “Personally I would create a 2 pool competition with legends and contenders. You'd have 2 matches each night from each pool. Draws will be back and the two league tables will make up the final night where you can do a mini tournament like they do now. The legends league will be for former champions and recent major winners ie Anderson or Barney. The contenders will be for players who are close to the top players but haven't won anything much like Cullen or Smith.

Low Gaz said: “Didn’t need messing with in 1st place, but MVG complained and now it’s getting changed!!” while Fran Will Gran added: “I enjoyed new format to begin with but now find it boring and repetitive.”

Valentin Kolev wrote: “I don't like the new format of the Premier League. This year Premier League is fake” while Nigel Rowe demanded: “Put it back to the way it was it better than it is now.”

Martin Burns offered: “No point tinkering with it now – bring back the old format next year.”

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