Daily horoscope for March 31: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

This Tuesday sees Mars and Saturn form a Conjunction in the heavens. Such an event only occurs every two years and is thought to be capable of course correction.

This means now is the moment to make serious decisions.

Consider what you been avoiding and whether your priorities have shifted.

Triage your effort and energy to concentrate on what is most important.

This will likely be unpleasant because the Red Planet Mars and Ringed Giant Saturn are concerned with pleasantries.


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Instead, these celestial bodies are solely focussed on sorting out difficult affairs.

Today’s Aquarius-Saturn Conjuncts means now could be the time to commit to a difficult task.

Expect things to become serious and to appreciate how decisions taken today can have long-term ramification.

And the sooner you get with the programme the sooner you’ll have something to show for it.

Consider what presses your buttons and affects your energy and drive.

Saturn and Mars meet each other every two years, forcing people to face difficulties in a whole new area of your life, each time.

Unfortunately, this can be both an exhausting and depressing task to shoulder.

This period can feel oppressive and even restrictive.


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However, if you focus on disciplining your drive and are prepared to work toward a long term goal, you can make excellent use of this energy.

What you begin today can keep you working quietly away toward significant achievement in the coming months.

The Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer during the day.

Astrologers believe this event will affect your emotions.

They also consider the Moon a void in Gemini meaning you can expect to experience a lull.

But the Moon soon enters Cancer, where it will become a half-moon and things begin to gather some speed.

The Moon conjuncts the North Lunar Node in Cancer this lunchtime.

This aspect should suggest to you what is most important right now.

Next, the Moon Sextiles Uranus and Squares Chiron – those two are working in tandem.

This means the coming days will be the moment to work on self-improvement.

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