Daily horoscope for March 30: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

The start of the working week witnesses Red Planet Mars enter Aquarius i your horoscope today (Monday, March 30). Astrologers agree now is consequently the time for people to pull together.

Aquarius is considered a community-conscious star sign in the zodiac.

And with ringed planet Saturn currently playing a part, now is the time to realise what a small world this is and how you should contribute.

Mars and Saturn create a restrictive atmosphere today but the Gemini Moon is here to lighten the mood.

The astrological energy is shifting as the world gears up for another week of testing times.


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From Capricorn to Aquarius, a feature of today is a tilting of the balance.

Mars enters Aquarius heading for a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius.

Aquarius has resided there for only week and it is already overdue to do something different.

With Mars and Saturn sailing close together, discipline is the key, along with discipline, order and compliance.

Therefore, it is consequently time to put in the effort and play your part.

This coronavirus crisis will require considerable stamina, so pace yourself.

The Gemini Moon is famed for a healthy and light atmosphere.

So now is the time to engage in witty conversation.

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News will spread spread faster than ever while the Gemini Moon squares Mercury, then Neptune today, with consequences rippling ever further out.

Now is not the time to make serious decisions, because not enough is clear.

As Mars enters Aquarius during the later hours, you will realise restrictions and limits are here to stay.

Stop resisting and instead embrace your role within the community.

Mars in Aquarius energises a whole new area of your horoscope and you’re ready to pour your efforts toward something new.

A little discipline can make for a good starting point with this one.

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