Crocs praised for giving away free shoes for coronavirus healthcare workers

Kind companies are doing their bit to pitch in during the coronavirus crisis.

The NHS has been able to claim free food during the pandemic – and staff get to park without paying tolls too.

And now, Crocs has found a way to help.

The footwear company is supplying US medical workers with free shoes.

Its “A Free Pair for Healthcare” scheme allows doctors, nurses and paramedics to pick out their own Classic Clogs or Crocs at Work styles.

Each day at 12pm, it is gifting a selected number of shoes.

The initiative has been praised by Twitter users.

One said: “Today was rough but the highlight was getting free Crocs for being a healthcare worker.”

A second commented: “The fact that they are giving healthcare workers free Crocs is so sweet.”

Another wrote: “Thank you @Crocs for supplying healthcare workers with a free pair of Crocs to make our feet comfy during this pandemic marathon race that we are trying to complete.”

And a fourth added: “I complain about working in healthcare but I take everything I said back.

“@Crocs are giving free Crocs to us for working on the frontline.”

Sadly, the deal only applies to US healthcare workers only.

When a Twitter user asked if Crocs could deliver the free shoes to the UK, the company said they were monitoring the situation.

A spokesperson responded: “Hi there! We are continuing to evaluate the needs of healthcare workers globally and will continue to work with our global teams to assess needs and how Crocs can help.

“But for right now, it is US only.”

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