Couple take each other's last names to become Mr and Mrs White-Christmas

A British couple has got married to become the world’s only husband and wife called Mr and Mrs White-Christmas.

Kieran White, 20, and Tilly Christmas, 20, tied the knot in a Covid-secure ceremony with just a handful of guests.

Both Kieran and Tilly, who married at the Roman baths in Bath, Somerset, will hyphenate their names.

Bride Tilly said: ‘We didn’t actually twig what our last names would be when we got together until a friend shared a photo of us from prom with the hashtag #WhiteChristmas.

‘I wanted to keep the surname Christmas for a few reasons – I’ve always loved having it as a last name throughout my life and I really love Christmas time as well.

‘It just so happens that the man I’ve married has the perfect surname to go with it!’

Kieran and Tilly fell for each other as teenagers at the same school in Bridport, Dorset, after meeting at just 12 years old.

Supermarket assistant Kieran decided to propose to Tilly during a festive holiday in Glasgow in 2018.

Tilly added: ‘We were visiting the Doulton Fountain the day after Boxing Day and Kieran dropped to one knee behind me.

‘He started to propose but I was so taken by the beauty of the fountain that I didn’t even hear him and started to walk off!

‘He called my name as I walked away so I turned around and was completely shocked to see him kneeling down with a ring!’

The happy couple had booked to get married at Webbington Hotel and Spa in July 2020 but their wedding was unfortunately cancelled due to coronavirus.

Now officially married, the newlyweds are returning to Dorset as Mr and Mrs White-Christmas just in time for Tilly to celebrate her 21st birthday on Bonfire Night.

Business student Tilly added: ‘I’ve grown up with the last name Christmas so I’m used to it but I think it’ll take a while for Kieran to adjust.

‘I’ve booked tables at restaurants during the Christmas period before and then found out the reservation wasn’t made as they thought it was a joke!’

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