Cops announce coronavirus curfew with ‘Purge’ siren as deaths skyrocket

As Louisiana rapidly becomes the US’ newest coronavirus hot spot, local authorities have devised a questionable way to announce the nightly curfew: by sounding the terrifying alarm from the dystopian thriller “The Purge,” as seen in a Friday TikTok clip.

The video, which currently boasts almost 750,000 likes on TikTok, depicts police in Crowley, Louisiana, blaring the ominous “Purge” siren to warn residents of Acadia Parish to hole up inside for the night.

In the 2013 horror film, the air raid-evoking alarm kicks off the annual purge, where for one night, all crime is legal.

“If you are out between the 9:00 pm to 6:00 am you will be stopped and advised to go home, ” reads a since-removed post on the Crowley Police department’s Facebook page, reports ABC affiliate KATC. Authorities imposed the curfew in light of “Acadia Parish receiving the worse [sic] rating for the rapid spread of the virus,” per a follow-up post, which notes that anyone found in violation will be slapped with a citation unless they can provide documentation that they were going to or from work from their employer.

The social-media masses were not thrilled about the prospect of being told to isolate inside via an apocalyptic movie alarm.

“This is scary, not funny at all,” said one TikTok commenter.

“As if things aren’t bad enough, the Crowley Louisiana police department played ‘The Purge’ siren to notify its citizens of the evening curfew,” groused one observer on a Facebook repost of the viral clip.

“These are clear and present scare tactics,” commented another on a YouTube.

Still, others lauded the measure. “These police are the best love when they can have humor,” said one TikTok movie buff.

However, Crowley police have claimed they were unaware that the knell was from “The Purge,” and don’t plan to use any siren in the future, reports KATC.

Currently, Louisiana boasts the fifth highest number of coronavirus cases in the US with 14,867 diagnosed and the fourth highest death toll at 512, according to Worldometer. Louisiana’s Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Alex Billioux said his state has ramped up testing to prevent it from becoming the “next Italy.”

Unfortunately, sirens aren’t the only way US cities are starting to mirror “The Purge” amid the coronavirus pandemic. NYPD stats show that crime in New York City was up about 12 percent over the first three months of the year with 2,500 more major felonies in 2020.

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