Coca-Cola Japan Releases Anniversary Super Nintendo World Design

Coca-Cola Japan is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Super Nintendo World with an all-new bottle design.

In the past, Coca-Cola has released a slew of limited edition artistic bottle designs celebrating many events and milestones including the cherry blossom season or paying homage to specific heritage regions across Japan. The latest bottle campaign is a nod to the new Super Nintendo World section in Universal Studios in Osaka. In place of its usual plastic bottle, this design uses a slim aluminum bottle design that gives the drink an overall more slick look.

The limited-edition bottles feature a famous Nintendo scene from Super Mario, which shows Mario appearing to jump up and hit a 1Up block and another which shows Mario running to victory towards Princess Peach’s castle. Super Nintendo World’s grand opening occurred last March and features multiple sections that allow fans to dive into the world of Mario. The bottles will be released on April 25, 2022 across Japan.

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