Clawshank redemption: Crayfish escape and run amok in office

This is pretty cray-cray.

An office in China was turned into a terrarium after dozens of crayfish escaped from a forgetful employee’s bag and scuttled across the floor, as seen in this hilarious CCTV video.

The incident, recorded in Hangzhou on June 29, depicts a courier departing an elevator and dropping off 22 pounds of live crawdads — a delicacy throughout China — in the hallway of an office.

The feed then cuts to a while later when, after the employee still hasn’t picked up her order, the army of crayfish breaks loose from the package and fans out across the floor. The floor is so thick with critters that two people can be seen jumping over them after getting off the elevator.

Fortunately, the clawshank redemption was short-lived, and the jailbreaking crustaceans were eventually corralled and eaten at home by the intended recipient.

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