Chloe Ferry unveils bob haircut and jokes she narrowly avoided a short back and sides

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Only a week ago, Chloe Ferry decided to give fans a look at her natural, shoulder-length hair. But the extension-free look didn’t last long as she loaded up her lengths with more faux hair just an hour after revealing the fresh look.

But it seems the star must have read some of her fan comments about the shorter look looking “stunning” and “classy”, as she’s just made the crop permanent due to public demand.

“This is the time to say goodbye – it’s coming off!” she announced on her Instagram Stories, as her hairstylist is seen holding up a large section of her hair.

The whole process didn’t go quite to plan though, as Chloe’s pal and fellow Geordie Shore star Abbie Holborn walked in unannounced, giving Chloe a shock.

“Nearly had a short back and sides there mate!” she screeched, joking that the scare nearly caused her to move her head mid-way through a section chop.

Luckily the outcome of the haircut looks great, and fans seem delighted that she’s gone for a sleeker, more natural look.

“Love your short hair, so classy,” one comments, while another says: “Prefer your natural hair so much!”

Who knows how long Chloe is planning on keeping this extension-free style, but she did take it out for a spin at a star-studded dinner in Mayfair on Tuesday night.

Joined by the likes of Demi Sims and her sister Frankie Sims, Chloe uploaded glamorous stories showing off her silky, short hair, and her tight-fitting orange ensemble.

There seems to be a shift to natural hair in the celeb world as of late, as other famous faces like Lucie Donlan, Molly-Mae Hague and Katie Price have been debuting shorter crops and removing their hair extensions.

Lucie, 23, recently revealed that she was giving her hair a “rest from extensions”, as she showed off her new hairstyle on herInstagramstories.

The professional surfer is seen running her fingers through her hair in the short clip, while posing for the camera.

We wonder who will go for the chop next!

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