Celebrate Nasser Hussain’s birthday with our classic clips

Happy birthday, Nas! What better present can we share with you, then a compilation of some of Nasser Hussain’s classic moments on Sky Sports?

Check out our tongue-in-cheek tribute video to the former England captain at the top of the page, then read on for more priceless memories…

Make sure you enjoy them because, one thing’s for sure, the drinks won’t be on Nas!

Masterclass master

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone has heard of Nas – as one youngster amply demonstrated while joining our commentators in the dugout at Chelmsford. No-one was more stunned than the Chelmsford legend himself, and the same was true when Andrew Strauss sent down a humdinger of a serve that smashed into Nasser’s helmet grill during a demonstration on how to play the short ball (that was the idea, anyway).

Still, at least ‘best mate’ AB de Villiers would go easy on him on the tennis court… AB had other ideas, though, pummelling Hussain into submission with supreme serve after supreme serve. It was a similar story on the golf course too…

Real Tennis champion

Nas did, oddly, find his niche on the Real Tennis Court at Lord’s, where he took on and defeated Strauss. Billed as a battle between the Posh Boy and the Essex Boy, there was sledging aplenty as Strauss – introduced by Bumble as Crispin Trumpington-Farg – and Hussain – introduced by Bumble as Sid Snot – went head-to-head in the ‘Sport of Kings’ in front of a host of beguiled spectators.

While Andrew and Nasser fought for racqueting supremacy – and the latter had a few ‘uncharacteristic’ grumbles – Bumble and Ian Ward were charged with understanding the rules of Real Tennis and keeping score.

Not easy with some expensive-looking bubbly lying around…


Out of this world analysis. Insight on a different planet. Neither of these tributes were penned by one disgruntled viewer who wrote into the Sky Sports commentary team to complain about a Nasser Hussain DVD for 50p from a charity shop in Dudley.

Reading out the letter, Bumble revealed the punter had mistakenly thought they were purchasing a NASA DVD and been left disappointed at the lack of rockets – and now they wanted their money back!

Bumble then eloquently read out the programme’s blurb, which described Nasser as one of England’s “most charismatic players”.

“Cricket fans never got to know the real Nasser,” continued Lloyd…

World record-holder

Nasser’s catching hasn’t always been up to scratch – letting him down on previous Sky demonstrations – but it was safe as houses as he pouched a new Guinness World Record for the highest catch of a cricket ball.

Officially regulated by the Guinness World Record team, Hussain had three attempts to catch a ball from a minimum of 100ft, dropped from a ‘Batcam’ drone above Lord’s Cricket Ground and falling at an estimated speed of 74 miles per hour.

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