Cardi B Accuses the Shade Room of 'Gaslighting' Her in Messy Online Dispute

In a recent, lengthy Twitter spat, Cardi B clashed with popular social blog the Shade Room after she accused the outlet of posting only “negative” content about her. She claimed the website’s moderators ignored her private messages, leaving her no choice but to take her issues public.

On Sunday, the Shade Room posted a video to Instagram of the Invasion of Privacy rapper’s daughter Kulture celebrating her fourth birthday. Cardi B says she DMed the outlet before commenting on the post, requesting that it be removed. When she didn’t receive a response, and under the belief that she was shadow-banned from having her comments appear on their account, she took to Twitter, writing: “Delete my child off y’all page.”

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In a since-deleted tweet, she added: “Cause my thing is …okay you only post negative content bout me, cool no biggie. Got me blocked from commenting on their page ok cool. But please don’t post my child on yall funny ish …I don’t want to be old self but just leave me alone.”

The Shade Room hit back with a string of screenshots documenting their recent coverage of Cardi B and disputed the rapper’s claim of being blocked from commenting on their posts. “You were not blocked from commenting. Please stop the LIES. We are only addressing your comment on negative content we didn’t bring up your daughter,” they wrote. “And YOU called ME asking why we don’t post your family! Lie again and I’ll put out the receipts.”

The outlet also claimed that they don’t post content, especially videos, without the owner’s explicit permission — though Cardi B quickly denied ever being asked to green-light their past posts about her. “When have you ever ask me to ever post anything about me? If that’s true you got my publicist # why not ask her shit why not ask me on Dm? Like this arguments are so stupid! The gaslighting it’s insane.”

Cardi B attempted to show proof of the Shade Room ghosting her in private messages before blocking her comments on their main page, uploading a since-deleted screen recording of their Instagram DMs. She also mentioned a phone conversation she recorded with someone from the outlet that contained “other things” she didn’t “want out in public.”

The outlet urged Cardi B to share the phone conversation, saying: “You don’t need lawyer papers lol. I’m giving you my permission publicly to post the recorded convo. You can use this tweet in court if I ever tried to sue. Post it.”

But the rapper saw it as an attempt to push her into sharing a conversation that the Shade Room moderators were not privy to, which could land her in legal trouble without the proper consent. “The twitter account is asking to post it not the actual person I had the conversation with,” Cardi B wrote. “The person I had the convo wit have to give authority that’s why they trying to bait me to post it so they can put me in some legal bullshit.”

After hours of back and forth on Twitter, Cardi B finally asked that the dispute be moved offline and handled “like adults,” requesting that the Shade Room founder Angelica Nwandu hop on a phone call with her.

Both Cardi B and the Shade Room have since deleted most of the public clash in hopes of solving the issue behind the scenes.

“We were able to come to a resolution,” the outlet wrote. “We’re putting the issue to rest and moving on. Cardi, we wish you the best and continued success. Glad we found a way to move forward peacefully. What happened earlier was bad, but how it ended is good.”

In a final tweet, the outlet apologized to its readers for the messy drama. “To the roommates, our true supporters, we promise to never subject you to this kind of behavior again. We appreciate your constant support of our platform and we would be nothing without our 36 million roommates & counting. Onward and upward.”

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