Canary Islands Games: 10 of the Best, From a ‘Human Fall Flat’ Sequel to NFT Ecosystem ‘Khosmium’

In the run-up to next week’s Cologne’s Gamescom, a break-down of just some of the video game titles made or in the hopper from Spain’s Canary Islands gaming scene:

“All On Board!” (The Game Kitchen)

Brace yourselves for “All On Board!,” a potential impending VR sensation, masterfully merging the nostalgia of board games with avant-garde VR finesse. Envisioned for Meta Quest and SteamVR, this platform promises a redefined experience, simulating the warmth of board game nights with pals. On its horizon is an ocean of community-crafted mods, empowered by a user-friendly, code-free editor, with the aim of ensuring every game feels like a novel escapade. Players will be able to revel in lifelike interactions, as they touch, grasp, and manipulate game pieces. Its soaring Kickstarter campaign, boasting over 1,000 backers, is a testament to the anticipation the game is building.

Arico: Tales from the Abyss,” (Foxter Studios) 

This 3D metroidvania experience, teeming with survival elements, promises to captivate both seasoned explorers and fresh adventurers. Delve deep into the Abyss’s layers, each harbouring enigmatic secrets of a forgotten civilisation and events signalling its dramatic fall. Navigating a world of intricate puzzles, resource management, and lurking dangers, players must master their survival instincts and analytical prowess. Awaiting its official release, “Tales from the Abyss” is set to be an exploration of history cloaked in mystery, promising to satiate the appetite of avid metroidvania enthusiasts.

“Battle Derby,” (Triple O Games)

Enter the adrenaline-charged arena of “Battle Derby,” a car combat extravaganza where players engage in fierce vehicular battles for supremacy. Tailored for a spectrum of players, from casual gamers to the hardcore elite, this game blends free-to-play mechanics with advanced Web3 and AI technologies. Notably, its innovative “proof of skill” system shifts the reward paradigm, ensuring players earn based on skill, not just financial outlay. The release plan is a closed beta in August, followed by an NFT pre-sale in Q3 2023 with a global game launch in Q4.

“Hotel Transylvania: Scary Tale Adventures,” (Drakhar Studios)

A fusion of Sony Pictures’ celebrated animation franchise and timeless fairy tales, wrapped in a 3D adventure experience. Drakhar Studios acted as developers to bring this game to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. Players get to embody Drac or Mavis, navigating through whimsically sinister tales. While it is primarily a solo escapade, the narrative is enriched with beloved characters who assume roles within each tale. Each level unravels a fresh setting, distinct adversaries, and novel objectives—peppered with light puzzles, exploration, and coveted collectibles.

“Human Fall Flat 2,” (No Brakes Games)

The much-anticipated sequel to the globally beloved physics-based puzzle platformer, “Human Fall Flat,” introduces a slew of new features, ensuring fans and newcomers alike are in for an even clumsier treat. Dive into a world of enhanced physics, where each level is intricately designed to challenge the player with novel toys and devices. Whether navigating solo or partnering up with seven other friends, the game promises a plethora of fiendish puzzles to decipher and conquer. Bolstered by a revamped physics engine, innovative gameplay interactions, and fresh mechanics, every play session guarantees its own brand of slapstick. 

“Khosmium,” (Mindiff)

From Mindiff comes “Khosmium,” a gaming ecosystem where players are not just participants but benefactors, creators, and owners. “We’ve fused iconic MOBA attributes with pioneering features like group skills and tower enhancements. By intertwining this with the metaverse, NFTs, and tokens, we offer an unparalleled gaming continuum,” say the creators. The integration of a metaverse replete with NFTs and tokens lets players harness their NFTs in engaging game modes like tower defence and boss raiding missions.

“Luto,” (Broken Bird Games)

Players should step cautiously into the unsettling world of “Luto,” where the true horrors lie not in the shadows, but within the psyche. In this first-person psychological horror narrative, gamers may find themselves entrapped, not by walls, but by the chains of their own despair. Striving to exit a seemingly ordinary house becomes a haunting journey through twisted corridors priming grief, anxiety, and depression. As players delve deeper, they are invited to confront lost love, but fear stemming from their own vulnerabilities. “Luto” promises a chilling exploration of the human mind’s recesses, with hopelessness reigning supreme.

“Planes Control,” (Rarepixels)

Step into the high-stakes world of air traffic management with “Planes Control,” a free2play path drawing landing game that places gamers in the terrifying role of Air Traffic Controllers (ATC). Tasked with ensuring the safe landing and takeoff of over 90 diverse aircraft at 22 global locations, players must deftly navigate a plethora of challenges – from raging storms and menacing tornadoes to alien invasions. Aviation enthusiasts will likely revel in the “Time Machine” retro package, encompassing nine levels that pay homage to aviation’s most iconic moments. Beyond this historical nod, “Planes Control” intends to refresh the gaming experience with seasonal updates that transport players to global events like Rio’s Carnival or Munich’s Oktoberfest.

“Super Citycon,” (Ben Willes Games)

Diving into the world of “Super Citycon” is like taking a nostalgic trip down 16-bit memory lane, but with the added bonus of modern tech twists. Crafted for mobile devices, this city-building simulation melds the essence of retro gaming with today’s technological prowess, ensuring a city-building journey for aficionados of the genre. “The Voxel style is a hybrid of traditional pixel art and 3D. Our main goal was to create a real city building experience, like people know it from consoles and computers, but on mobile devices,” its creators told Variety.

“ÜConsole,” (Rising Pixel)

In a world where technology constantly evolves, ÜConsole emerges as a beacon of interactive and immersive gaming. Fusing cutting-edge technology with the principles of gamification, this platform aims to redefine how users engage and play together. Simplifying the process of connectivity, all that stands between the user and a shared gaming experience is a quick scan of a QR code.

Picture this: a colossal virtual sofa with room for over 200 eager players, all directed towards a console-integrated screen. This is ÜConsole. Players won’t be bogged down with cumbersome hardware installations or software updates; ÜConsole ensures the gaming experience is straightforward.

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