Brooks Laich Talks Social Distancing While Away From Julianne Hough

Brooks Laich has said goodbye to Los Angeles and hello to Idaho—for now, at least.

As the Coronavirus pandemic forces Americans to practice social distancing, pop culture fans can’t help but notice that the former NHL player and Julianne Hough are staying in different parts of the country.

So why is Brooks in Idaho while his wife stays in Los Angeles?

“I always wanted to spend more time here. I bought this place in 2014 and I’ve never spent enough time here.  I come here like a week a year and it’s my dream property,” he shared on iHeartRadio’s How Men Think podcast with co-host Gavin DeGraw. “I wanted to spend more time here. The place also needed an overhaul. It really needed a cleaning.”

Brooks continued, “We have a yard in Los Angeles but here, [my dog] is out here all day. I’m on the water. I can fish here. I have a buddy I can go hunting with. There’s lots to do and I just love being up here.”

Last week, photos surfaced of Julianne enjoying an afternoon walk in Southern California with her longtime friend Ben Barnes.

Lindsay Scheinberg/E! News

At the time, a source shared with E! News that Brooks and Julianne still “talk everyday and are in constant communication. They are both happy and figuring things out together and apart.”

While Brooks didn’t discuss Julianne directly during his latest podcast episode, the athlete admitted to being an “introvert by nature.”

He went on to say that he’s “been good with the isolation” so far.

“When I was a young kid, I didn’t need to be around friends all the time. There’s a part of me that enjoys isolation and there’s a part of me that actually gets drained when I’m around too many people,” he shared. “For me, I’ve had a ton of energy.”

Brooks continued, “I do miss the friendships and the companionships where you do get to hug somebody and be in the same room.”

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