Brits risk £2,500 fine if they miss MOT test during second coronavirus lockdown

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Although England has just begun its second coronavirus lockdown, some things are different to March.

At the height of the first peak, motorists were given an MOT extension to be able to drive their roads legally.

But now despite the country facing a four-week shut down, certificates have not been extended again.

That means drivers could face fines of up to £2,500 if they're too late getting their car, van or motorbike tested.

And with increased demand during the restrictions, it might be a lot harder trying to secure a booking now.

This is generally because many of the tests that were put off earlier are now coming due.

At the start of the last lockdown, cars, vans and motorcycles that required an MOT test were exempt from needing one until August.

That saw MOT expiry dates automatically extended by 6 months if they were due for a test during the period.

And offering a further extension could make the current backlog even worse.

Since garages are remaining opened, drivers have the responsibility of getting their tests complete.

If your vehicle's MOT is due to expire between now and December 5, you must have your car tested and issued with a new certificate.

Remember it is also illegal to drive an unroadworthy car even if you have a valid MOT.

So you should complete regular checks to ensure the vehicle is safe to be on the road.

Garages and dealership workshops are allowed to remain open so you should be able to book a schedule service as normal.

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