British Authors Jody Burton and Avril Nanton Craft Guided Map Through London's Black History Month Landmarks

Blue Crow Media is commemorating various landmark structures established in over 50 locations across the British capital as part of Black History Month UK. Led by authors Jody Burton and Avril Nanton, the duo have designed an urban guide showcasing the artwork, its history, and more.

Photography courtesy of Jake Green takes spectators through a historical British journey, kicking off in the Roman era and leading into the present-day Black Lives Matter movement. The Black History London Map features a dual-sided directory promoting everything from monuments to murals and statues highlighting the people and events that have impacted Black history in the country.

The immersive tour shines a light on several emblematic moments, taking you through Brixton’s African and Caribbean War Memorial, the National Windrush Monument in Waterloo, and Westminster’s Pan-African-decorated station symbol, among others. The map also pays tribute to victims of racial discrimination, including Stephen Lawrence, Dorothy “Cherry” Groce, and Cynthia Jarrett — all who fatally passed at the hands of inequality.

Speaking on its creation, co-author Jody Burton says:

“The idea of Black History London Map came out of the desire to see more representation of Black British stories depicting physical landmarks.

I think it’s important that all people learn about Black History as this is British history. An honest, full narrative needs to be told. It is a challenging history, which for too long has been told my the winners of history, exploration for one was exploitation for the others over hundreds of years.”

The Black History London Map is available to purchase now via Blue Crow Media and independent bookstores globally for £9 GBP (approximately $10 USD).

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