Bloke discovers Tesco receipt from 1997 – and people are gobsmacked over prices

We all know food prices have been on the rise recently thanks to the cost of living crisis.

So one man was just a tad excited and intrigued after finding an unearthed Tesco receipt from 1997 – and so were many others.

The bloke happened to stumble across the receipt when he bought an old cassette.

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And of course, he had to share it over on Reddit so other people could get involved in the conversation.

The receipt, which was a bit stained but still in perfectly good reading condition was a list of 22 items bought on 25 July 1997 – 26 years ago last Tuesday.

The total cost of the basket came in at a very decent £27.26 – a price that you would struggle to get for 22 items in a supermarket these days.

The seemingly standard shopping trip included such items as cat food costing 48p, mayo for 49p and cooking oil for 53p.

A staggering 17 out of the 22 everyday kitchen cupboard and fridge items costed less than a pound with four coming in at less than £2 and only one crossed-out item taking the prize for the most expensive item at a still reasonable £10.99.

The Reddit post has definitely caused a stir, racking up nearly one thousand comments from people eager to share their reactions to the relic of British history.

One Reddit user decided to do a bit of digging and compare the prices from 1997 to today's prices.

They wrote: "I've been through the list and added all the items to my Tesco basket online to see how much it would cost these days. For those of you wondering, the total came to £45.13."

The user then added added: "Add another £15 say as I forgot the £10.99 item. Total is £60.13."

That's a whole £32.87 price hike according to their calculations.

Many were understandably feeling the nostalgia of a time when inflation and a cost of living crisis wasn't affecting us all, with one Reddit user writing: "The prices were the freaking heaven back then and we all have to agree to that."

"I can kill for such prices again haha," joked a second, while a third added: "Gotta love the prices on that receipt though!"

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Others, meanwhile, said they found the comparisons "depressing".

The St Ivel Gold butter on the list was a hot topic, with one person exclaiming: "53 pence for butter?!"

A second quipped: "I bought butter today and I'm now talking to my mortgage lender regarding re-financing."

But others were shocked to find out that some items remained a similar price these days.

"Some of those prices seem equal to today’s… ish… like, stuff wasn’t as cheap as I was expecting," admitted one person.

Many were shocked by garlic bread in particular, as one wrote: "You can buy a garlic bread for 90p today."

Another added: "How is garlic bread inflation-proof?"

While a third replied: "Yeah – garlic bread and shower cream at least don’t seem like prices from that long ago."

Hopefully we can still get garlic bread for 90p in another 26 years to come!

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