Ben Fogle puts his £2.7m London home up for rent – for £26,000 a month

Ben Fogle puts his £2.7m London home up for rent – where tenants will be surrounded by trinkets from the adventurer’s travels (as long as they can afford £26,000 a month)

  • The £2.7million west London home of adventurer Ben Fogle is available to rent – for those with deep pockets
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Adventurer Ben Fogle has put his £2.7million five-bedroom London home up for rent – for an enormous £26,000 a month.

The survivalist’s beautiful five-bedroom pad is full of trinkets collected from his travels and the maximalist interior is inspired by the taste of his actress mother, Julia Foster, who now runs an antique store.

There is a sweet nod to his much-loved former pet, the Labrador Inca, who was instrumental in Ben meeting his wife, as her picture takes pride of place on one of the walls.

But online house hunters did raise their eyebrows at the rear garden – which they say looks as if it is laid with artificial grass.

The 3,300sq ft property in west London is available from July 3 for an eye-watering £6,000 a week – leaving people wondering what the deposit would be.

The description reads: ‘Stepping inside, you are immediately embraced by an inviting atmosphere,’ and says the house is perfect for a ‘cosy, warm family’ 

A description on Rightmove by west London estate agents Rigby & Marchant reads: ‘Nestled along a charming street of W10 stands a magnificent five-bedroom house that radiates warmth, comfort, and a deep connection with nature.

‘Surrounded by an array of vibrant greenery and airy views, this idyllic residence is the epitome of a tranquil haven for a cosy, warm family.

‘Stepping inside, you are immediately embraced by an inviting atmosphere.

The couple pictured at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2023. They met in Hyde Park while walking their Labradors and married two years later 

The description says the living room is ‘adorned with earthy tones’ and includes ‘a fireplace that creates an intimate setting for gatherings’

The house features a number of comfortable nooks that are busily decorated with mementos of the family’s travels and Ben’s adventures 

The couple’s two children, Ludo and Iona, share bunk beds in a room in the five-bedroom house, with a sign on the door instructing parents not to enter 

‘The spacious living room is bathed in natural light that filters through the large windows. The room is adorned with earthy tones, complementing the outdoor scenery and a fireplace that creates an intimate setting for gatherings.

‘The kitchen comes fully equipped and designed to cater to the needs of passionate cooks.

‘Filled with top-of-the-line appliances, and ample storage space, it is an environment for culinary creations as laughter and conversation fill the air.

Ben might spend some of his time off in his ‘man cave’, a shed at the end of the garden. Online viewers said it looked as if the grass in the garden was artificial 

‘The house features five bedrooms, each uniquely decorated with a touch of nature.

‘The rooms are adorned with soft, earth-toned furnishings and gentle accents of green, fostering a tranquil and soothing atmosphere.

‘Tucked away in the garden a writing hut stands in all its rustic charm.

‘Surrounded by the sounds of birds chirping and tall trees, it offers the perfect sanctuary for introspection and creativity.’

Ben’s style, influenced by his mother, actress Julia Foster, who now runs an antique shop on Kensington Church Street, is a mix of colour and maximalism 

Ben’s shed at the bottom of the garden as well as some other rooms in the home offer a perfect place to keep souvenirs from his travels abroad 

It continues: ‘The garden invites outdoor activities and is perfect for picnics, games, and gatherings under the warm sun, with an ideal spot for al fresco dining.

‘With all the greenery, tranquility, and the captivating view, this five-bedroom house becomes a cherished home for a warm and loving family.’

Ben, 49, and wife Marina, 45, married in 2006 and bought the property for £2,750,000 in September 2012. They met while both out walking their Labradors, Inca and Maggi in Hyde Park. 

They also own a home in the Chilterns, which it is understood they now live in most of the time with children Ludo and Iona.

Reclaimed: The sumptuous kitchen features a burnished copper table and cupboard doors made from reclaimed floorboards, alongside four dishwashers 

Their London property is a huge nod to the TV star’s background, with pictures and flags from different countries he has been to on his travels.

He burst into public life following the success of the BBC’s Castaway show in 2000 and has since rowed the Atlantic, suffered a frostbitten nose in the North Pole and walked across the Omani desert. 

The house also has a snug that looks more like a rural outpost than part of a posh Kensington home.

It is filled with lanterns, old waxed jackets, battered chairs and his trusty boots and sun hat. The house is full of replica boats too, perhaps to remind him of his sailing past.

And there is even a sweet miniature knitted Ben on the living room mantlepiece. 

House hunters said they thought the pad was beautiful, if a little pricey.

One said: ‘I get that it’s in a very moderately exclusive part of a very expensive city, but f*** me 26k per month in RENT. Completely mental.

Large windows offer natural light in the family’s living room and in-built bookshelves offer plenty of storage space – and a place to hang tapestries from 

‘I also like that the deposit isn’t even shown. If you have to ask what it is, you can’t afford it.’

Another said: ‘Damn renting that for one month costs more than my whole mortgage.’

Another lamented: ‘It’s a completely different world for some.’

Meanwhile others showed their surprise that the rear garden is AstroTurf. 

One said on Mumsnet: ‘Actually I’m hoping that it is very manicured real grass.’

Another added: ‘I’m hoping that it is very manicured real grass.’

Both Ben and Marina often post images from their homes on social media.

In 2016 he opened up his home to the Evening Standard, saying that when on his travels he’d often just think of being back in London.

‘When I’m in a yurt in Mongolia, I think about what I could do at home,’ he said, admitting that he was a ‘frustrated’ interior designer and was constantly tinkering with his house.

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