Are these the hardest brainteasers EVER?

Are these the trickiest brainteasers EVER? Series of challenging seek-and-find puzzles including spot the helmet in a crowded garage leaves people stumped

  • Equity Release Supermarket has released a series of challenging brainteasers
  • One puzzle challenges players to spot a helmet hidden inside a crowded garage
  • Another seek-and-find illustration shows goggles lost in a pool filled with rings

A series of new seek-and-find challenges is putting the perception skills of eagle-eyed puzzlers to the test.

Created by Equity Release Supermarket, five tricky brainteasers task players with spotting lost items lurking in five busy themed illustrations.

The designers of the puzzles said they hope the individual challenges will keep minds active, after many people spent lockdown embracing the health benefits of outdoor activities and reconnecting with nature. 

One illustration features a shovel hidden among flowerbeds, while another sees a cycling helmet concealed in a crowded garage.

Many people have struggled to solve all of the brainteasers – so, can you?  

Scroll down for reveal  

1. Can you find the cycling helmet in the garage?

2. Can you spot the goggles in the rubber rings?

3. Can you find the flag in the golf bags?

4. Can you find the shovel in the flowerbeds?

5. Can you spot the tennis ball in the scoreboard? 


If you’re struggling to spot the hidden cycling helmet lurking within the crowded garage, take a closer look at the bicycle wheels 

Goggles that were lost in a swimming pool filled with dozens of rubber rings can be spotted towards the bottom right of the illustration 

The tricky task of spotting a flag hidden among golf bags can be solved by closely examining the objects on the right side of the image 

Puzzlers who are struggling to find the shovel in the flowerbeds will be able to spot it by looking towards the bottom of the brainteaser

Players unable to spot the tennis ball hidden on a score board should take a closer glance at the letters in the top line

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