Apple’s M3 Chip Will Reportedly Outperform M2 Max and M2 Pro, Even With Less Cores

A new leak has offered users a look into the performance of Apple’s forthcoming chipset, the M3. The prediction was shared by tech industry analyst Vadim Yuryev, who ran the M3 through the GeekBench 6 platform.

For those unfamiliar, the GeekBench 6 is a synthetic cross-platform benchmark that measures a system’s estimated performance. According to the test, the M3 performed over 20% faster than both chips and scored 3,472 points in the single-core tests and 13,676 points in the multi-core tests. The numbers place the M3 above its predecessor, the M2 Max and M2 Pro.

The news may come as a surprise to those that have been following the chip’s development, as the M3 is rumored to pack only eight cores, compared to the 12-core M2 Max and 10-core M2 Pro.

Given that this is merely a leak, those banking on the superior functionality of the M3 will still have to wait and see how the chip performs.

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