Anthony Joshua insists Tyson Fury has worst dress sense in celebrity world.. then asks if he even counts as a celeb

ANTHONY JOSHUA labelled Tyson Fury as the worse dressed celeb – than asked if he is "even a celebrity".

Unified heavyweight champion AJ – who spent the day promoting his partnership with Hugo BOSS – discussed his style of fashion with Capital Breakfast.

And the 30-year-old admitted it contrasted with Fury, known to show off whacky suits and shoes.

When asked: 'Which celebrity that you’ve met has the worst fashion sense?' the Capital team suggest Fury, pointing to his alligator sofas.

But Joshua responded: "Oh! Mate, let’s not even. Is he even a celebrity?"

He continues: "He needs to come to BOSS, ASAP.

"He needs to come to BOSS, get some tailoring done, you know what I mean, get some custom made pieces, I promise you.

"They said David Haye used to wear the worst suits and now, he’s passed the baton over to Tyson Fury.

"So right now we’re saying Tyson Fury."

Joshua's light-hearted jibe was echoed by Ricky Hatton, who mocked Fury for overtaking Haye as worse dressed heavyweight.

Hatton said: "I tell you what, Tyson what are you doing with that suit on.

"I remember when David Haye used to wear s*** suits but now you've overtook him, you tosser.

"Oh my god."

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