AI isnt a threat to OnlyFans – my subscribers want content from a real person

With artificial intelligence (AI) all the rage, many people think it could be a threat to OnlyFans – with people using bots to get their sexy content over adult creators.

However, one racy model says she isn't worried about it at all – as she says her fans want to deal with real people.

Speaking out the subject, Lucy Banks said: I’m sure some people would enjoy racy content from AI bots.

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"Cartoon and anime adult content have been around for years.

"But my subscribers pay to see my body and interact with me personally.

"That’s the whole idea about OnlyFans. That’s why it works.

"‘Chatters’ and AI cannot compete with human interaction."

With OnlyFans boasting a $1.2 billion (£970m) revenue in 2021 alone, she may be right about that.

As well as AI, the Aussie babe addressed claims many OnlyFans stars are employing paid professionals to exchange spicy private messages with their subscribers.

She denied hiring anyone herself to do this – saying she spends 10-12 hours online running her website.

“There’s been claims lately of OnlyFans models using chatters or staff," the 32-year-old said.

"I’ve had several fans question me this week.

"I wish I had staff, maybe then I wouldn't have repetitive strain injury in my fingers from typing so much!”

"No one could recreate my amazing personality, haha."

Talking about why she wouldn't hire anyone to message fans, she added: "OnlyFans is real – it's about creating real connections. I share so much with my subscribers, and I genuinely care for them.

"I've met a lot of my subscribers at events. I do video calls. I make custom content. I'm a real person, and that can’t be replicated.

"I have a gardener, an accountant, a bookkeeper, a personal assistant, and a pool guy. I outsource everything I can, so my time is dedicated to raising my kids and running my website.

"If I'm talking differently on OnlyFans, it's probably because I've had a couple glasses of wine!”

Mum Lucy uses to work in banking however ditched her career to become an adult star to give her more freedom – finically and time-wise.

She says her sons know about her career and are 'happy for her'.


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