ACRONYM and Bisimoto's Redesigned Porsche 935 "Moby X" Is Futuristic and Fully Electric

California’s Bisimoto Engineering is currently working with ACRONYM designer and co-founder, Errolson Hugh, and concept design artist, Khyzyl Saleem to rework the famous 1970s Porsche 935 Moby Dick.

This fully electric rendition, named “Moby X”, is under development and utilizes a 935L replica built on a 930-gen 911. Last year, Saleem shared his dismantled take on the Porsche 964 with his signature futuristic restructuring. Bisimoto expects to tap into Saleem’s adventurous automotive stylings to further accentuate the Longtail shape of the Porscha for the “Moby X”. Additionally, the reconstruction features a modernized set of aero-shaped LED headlights on both sides of the bumper, a reworked center front fascia, and custom aero bits that match the side skirt extensions.

Though Bisimoto plans to keep the general silhouette of the automotive, the most visible posterior alteration comes from the morphing massive wing into a wickerbill, as well as the Cyberpunk-style LED bar. The multi-spoke wheels round out the exterior with its deep concave configuration and the oversized balloon-shaped wheels resembling that of the Turbofan.

ACRONYM designer, Hugh, known for his futuristic fusing of style and function in apparel, announced in an Instagram post that the “Moby X” will be completely electric. With an uncompromising focus on detail, Hugh is expected to lend his eye to ensure a versatile and innovative electric reconstruction of the iconic car.

Check out the released images above and the social media posts below.

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