Abbott Elementary Creator, Star Quinta Brunson Exposes Fan Requests for 'School Shooting Episode'

Here's why she won't be doing one.

Quinta Brunson, the creator and star of ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” says she’s been inundated with requests to write a school shooting episode of her television show in the wake of the deadly events in Uvalde, Texas.

But she won’t be doing it — and here’s why.

“Wild how many people have asked for a school shooting episode of the show I write. people are that deeply removed from demanding more from the politicians they’ve elected and are instead demanding ‘entertainment,'” she tweeted on Wednesday. “I can’t ask ‘are yall ok’ anymore because the answer is ‘no.'”

“Please use that energy to ask your elected official to get on Beto time and nothing less. I’m begging you,” she said, after Beto O’Rourke interrupted Gov. Greg Abbott’s press conference earlier in the day and called him out for “doing nothing” to prevent gun violence in the state.

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“I don’t want to sound mean, but I want people to understand the flaw in asking for something like this,” Brunson continued. “We’re not okay. this country is rotting our brains. im sad about it.”

She then shared a message she received highlighting one of the requests. Captioning the screen shot “Exhibit A,” the request read, “This is just an idea. For the eventual series finale, a school shooting episode to highlight the numerous ones in this nation. Formulate an angle that would get our government to understand why laws need to pass. I think Abbott Elementary can affect change. I love the show.”

Brunson also responded directly to one fan who suggested the show could “have a hand in creating a conversation about keeping our kids safe when it comes to Gun Violence. Psa style.”

“Respectfully, Abbott Elementary the tv show is not a politician. Politicians are,” she replied. “They need to do something about it.”

Earlier in the week, show costar Sheryl Lee Ralph reacted to the shooting — which claimed the lives of 19 children and two adults — by tweeting, “Where is the love for Americas children?!?! Why do we not care about #GunViolence??”

She later added, “Now I lay me down to sleep and all I can think about is the families who lost a child today in another senseless act of gun violence! When will enough be ENOUGH?!?!”

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