A man I used to see when I went shopping has accused me of harassing him

DEAR DEIDRE: A MAN I used to see when I went shopping has accused me of harassing him.

I am so confused because I didn’t do anything wrong.

He worked on the deli counter and would flirt with me or stare at me when he served me.

He’s 62 and I’m a woman of 55. He is very handsome but he knows it.

After months of this, I found out he had complained about me to his boss.

His boss then watched me for a few weeks but nothing ever came of it.

This man continued to stare but never spoke to me again. It made me feel uncomfortable, so I stopped going to this store for more than a year.

When I eventually returned, he started flirting and staring at me again.

We’re not teenagers. My friends say he is the one with the problem and I should simply ignore him.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I am sorry that you had this dreadful experience.

It can be very distressing to be wrongly accused of harassment.

He might have flirted to prove to himself that he’s still got it – but accusing you of unfounded harassment is totally unacceptable behaviour.

Best to never have contact with him again and actively avoid this shop in future.

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