50 things Brits say they won't do post-pandemic

Will you ever stand comfortably next to a stranger on the tube in rush hour again?

No, us neither.

The pandemic has understandably made us as a society extremely germ-conscious.

That coupled with the need for us to maintain space, avoid touching others and increase our hand hygiene will probably mean that we leave the pandemic with long-term concerns around activities we once did without worry.

A quarter of Brits won’t share a bag of crisps with friends anymore, neither will they use makeup samples in shops, and 19% won’t chat to someone in close proximity at a club, according to a new study by Vision Direct.

Going forward, their survey found that eight out of 10 people will consciously try not to share items with other people and nearly three quarters will make efforts to keep space between themselves and strangers.

Another thing one in 10 people will avoid when offices reopen is shared cutlery and mugs.

Psychologically, the pandemic has made us wary about having contact and catching illnesses from others.

Rebecca Strauss from Vision Express says: ‘There are no two ways about it, our lives have changed forever.

‘Hopefully if we have learned anything through all this, it is to be mindful of our own personal space and hygiene habits.’

These are the top 50 things people won’t do post-pandemic:

50 things people say they’ll never do again post-Covid:

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