2 Dog Rescuers and 14 Dogs Killed in Crash While Transporting Animals to Find New Homes

Although police initially said on Friday that 16 animals remained unaccounted for, the Blackfoot Animal Shelter and Rescue, which is assisting the police, have since shared that “there are only two loose.”

Police went on to note that the found dogs will be picked up and continue on to Canada “where shelters are waiting to place the dogs in adopted homes.”

As the search for the missing animals continued on Friday, Blackfoot Animal Shelter & Rescue gave thanks to all of the volunteers who joined in to help.

“We have a wonderful rescue community and so many wonderful people who have volunteered to help in anyway [sic] possible. We cannot tell you how much that means to each and everyone of us today we have had a very traumatic day however the animals that were found [are] alive are safe,” they wrote, alongside numerous photos of the individual dogs.

“We have traps set that we will be monitoring through the night. Again there are only two loose. We do not want people to be on the freeway and endangering their lives please stay safe,” they added.

Many in the animal rescue community have also mourned Watson's death, calling her an “inspiration” and a “special person with a huge heart.”

“Ann was tragically killed in an auto accident on her way to rescue animals, that was her passion,” her brother’s wife, Kristin Kelley, wrote on the GoFundMe page.

“She leaves behind 2 little girls who unfortunately lost their father in the accident as well. Please consider donating to help pay for funeral arrangements, including bringing her home from another state, as well as support for the girls!” Kelley added. “We ask that you please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

Kelley went on to share in an update that thanks to the generosity of many, any additional funds will go into creating “trusts for the girls.”

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