Ziggy Marley: 'Be Responsible Citizens of Planet Earth'

In honor of Rolling Stone’s Climate Crisis issue, we asked artists to contribute messages about what they, their governments, and everyday people can do to stand up to the threat of climate change. From England to Jamaica to the United States, we are hearing from artists and activists around the world about what we can do locally, globally, and everything in between.

Ziggy Marley, reggae artist and son of reggae icon Bob Marley, points to the everyday steps people can take at home to address the climate crisis. He has bought an electric car, and is reducing plastic consumption and conserving water in his home (in addition to advocating for pesticide-free cannabis).

Marley places great importance on teaching his kids “to be responsible citizens of the planet Earth.” He has drawn inspiration from, and paid tribute to, the youth as leaders on issues like the climate crisis and gun violence.

Marley also points to the greater impact these individual choices can make on the consumer level. “Spend your money wisely,” he says. “The biggest thing we can do is to impact industries by how we spend our money.”

But Marley argues that it will take more than individual action, or government action on its own, to solve the crisis; The two are intertwined. “Government by itself cannot solve the problem; it’s gonna take the people,” he says. “So government should be a tool that is used to encourage the people and ignite the people into taking action. It’s all about being conscious and being aware of the situation first, and of the reality. Everyone can look within their own homes, within their own workplace, to see what issues they can address.”

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