Wilmer Valderrama reveals his newborn daughter’s ‘unique’ samurai-inspired name

The name Wilmer Valderrama and fiancee Amanda Pacheco picked for their newborn daughter is the perfect mix of “off the wall” and “serendipitous,” he said. 

“The name was exciting to figure out because, you know, everyone is gonna have an opinion,” the “NCIS” star said during an interview with People magazine Monday. 

Valderrama, 41, and Pacheco, 30, welcomed their first daughter on Feb. 15, a little more than a year after getting engaged on New Year’s Day 2020. On Monday, the couple announced their baby girl’s “strong” moniker: Nakano Oceana Valderrama.

The “That ’70s Show” alum said the name was inspired by an ancient Japanese warrior after he and Pacheco took a “beautiful and eye-opening” trip to Japan, where the pair first said “I love you” and committed to each other. 

‘Straight out of heaven’:Wilmer Valderrama welcomes first child with fiancee Amanda Pacheco

Wilmer Valderrama is a dad, after his fiancee Amanda Pacheco gave birth to a baby girl. (Photo: Cover Media)

“That was the trip where we decided we would be together, that we would really be together,” Valderrama told People. “Japan was a big moment for us. I was really proud of that trip because it really bonded us and gave us this security to just move forward and really plan life and really think about what we both really wanted.”

While researching Japanese warriors for name ideas, Valderrama said they came across the legend of a female samurai named Takeko Nakano. And the rest is history.

“Nakano became something that felt strong, felt unique, felt different,” he said. “The respect and the heritage, and the tribute… to commemorate that trip to Japan with our first labor of love.”

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Nakano’s middle name, Oceana, is a nod to Pacheco’s passion for the ocean and marine life. 

Valderrama admitted that although the name holds significant meaning for the new parents, Nakano “created an unbelievable debate in our family.” However, he hopes it will be a “fun little conversation topic for our daughter to have as she grows older.”

The first-time dad said his transition to fatherhood came natural: “There was a very beautiful, primal and magical trait that woke up in me that just kind of engaged the moment that baby came.” 

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