Why Some People Are Worried About Aaron Carter's Girlfriend After an Argument on Instagram Live

Aaron Carter is known to go on Instagram Live all the time. Recently there was an incident involving Carter and his girlfriend, Melanie Martin while going Live. It has some people calling for Martin to leave Carter and there seems to be some concern for her. Read on to learn more about the situation.

There was an incident on Instagram Live

While completely Live, Carter and his girlfriend aired theirdirty laundry to everyone watching at home. Carter can be heard yelling at hisgirlfriend and the argument prompted some fans to record the interaction.

In the video,Carter can be heard accusing his girlfriend of having a guy in her phone undera girl’s name. He also starts accusing her of sending nudes while they weretogether and Martin says she’s done and Carter agrees and tells her to get out ofthe house.

Then Carter put the camera on himself and decided to get into even more detail for all the world to see and hear. The rant definitely shows a different side to the relationship, that’s for sure.

“You guys have no idea what else happened,” Carter said.“Alright? So I will explain it to you, everything that happened. This girlliterally took advantage of me. She told her friends, they were like, ‘Oh, Isee you’re dating Aaron Carter. Why is that?’ And do you know what she says?‘He has money. He’s nice. He has money. He’s nice.’ She changed a name and hidit of an older man that she promised to send nudes to a month ago. That’s whoshe is.”

Why people are worried for Melanie Martin after the argument

After the situation went down, both Carter and Martin changedtheir Instagram profiles and took each other’s names off. It seemed like thingsmight be over, but it didn’t last long because everything appears to be fineagain between them. They’re each appearing in each other’s Instagram Storiesand they’re tagged on each other’s profiles again as well.

A number of people have taken to Twitter to talk about thesituation and their overall concern for Carter’s girlfriend. One Twitter usercalled the situation mental abuse.

“Guess who’s back! Yep #melaniemartin is back being his babeafter #aaroncarter mentally abused her for all to see. Melz come on girl getsome self-worth!” one Twitteruser wrote about the situation.

One fan decided to write an “open letter” to Martin onTwitter. Here is just a small portion of it: “Hi Melanie. I’m sure you’reworn out. I’m sure you’re tired. When is enough girl? When will you understandyou are no different than all the rest of the people who run in and out of hislife who are used and abused?”

People are definitely worried for Melanie Martin after thatInstagram Live incident. Who knows how things will play out long-term? We’llkeep checking social media for the latest on the situation.

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