Why Angelina Jolie ‘Loves’ Having A House Full Of Teenagers: ‘She Enjoying Every Minute’

Angelina Jolie’s kids are all grown up, and the A-lister is ‘incredibly patient’ with her children, as she helps them navigate their teenage years.

Angelina Jolie is a proud mom to six children, she she “prides herself” on helping them navigate their teenage years with “open communication”. A source close to the A-list actor revealed Angelina was “loving” being at home with her kids — who are all growing up so fast! “Angelina had a hard time as a teenager. She remembers how tough it was, so she’s incredibly patient with her kids. She wants them to be able to talk to her about anything,” the insider told HollywoodLife exclusively. “She does have rules, but she’s not at all what you’d call strict. She gives them a lot of autonomy.”

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