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If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, chances are you were glued to your screen for the debut of season 25. This season sees 32 women competing for the heart of 28-year-old real estate broker Matt James, per ABC. One of those ladies caught the eye of many viewers for her resemblance to beloved Schitt’s Creek character Alexis Rose, played by Annie Murphy (per IMDb). While Murphy is happily married and off the market, her L.A. doppelgänger, Sarah Trott, is single and looking to be the woman in James’ life.

So who is Sarah Trott? According to her website, Trott is a self-proclaimed media personality who got her start in broadcast news. She served as a TV anchor and reporter at ABC News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 in Palm Springs, California. She also was a morning anchor, entertainment host, and multimedia journalist at KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri. While she loves asking questions and learning more about people’s stories, Trott made the difficult but important decision to put her career on hold for her family.

Trott's journey as a caretaker changed her perspective

Sarah Trott transitioned to being her father’s full-time caregiver after he was diagnosed with ALS, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. “For someone who always planned to put a career first, this was a huge decision and transition for me to make,” Sarah writes on her site. “At the same time, I struggled to find other young women going through similar difficulties. I couldn’t find many obvious resources or people my age who could relate to the issues I was going through.”

The experience inspired her podcast, From Here to Where. On the podcast, Sarah talks about all the things you’d expect women in their twenties to dish on, from careers to dating. She hopes the podcast will “change the narrative for perfection and bring strong girls together.” More recently, she also created Sarah’s Caregiver Community, a private Facebook group that allows caregivers to connect and discuss their experiences. 

“My dad, Tom, is the strongest man I know. He’s tackling ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease with such incredible resiliency, positivity and faith,” she shared about her dad while introducing the group. “He’s been an inspiration to me, our family, friends, doctors, our community and even to strangers who meet him and are surprised to see how someone who has lost so much can still offer a bright smile, endless optimism and his charming sense of humor.”

Chris Harrison says Trott and James have "a very up and down journey"

Sarah Trott’s ABC bio shares she’s been in two serious relationships, but struggled to find her fairytale ending. When it comes to Matt James though, she allegedly fell fast. During the “Meet the Women of The Bachelor” live stream event, host Chris Harrison says Trott “hits it off really well with Matt right away.” From the sounds of Chris’ explanation, it sounds like Trott’s an early frontrunner who develops “very strong feelings” for the Bachelor.

On that up-and-down journey, there’s going to be tears. Trott posted a screenshot from the show’s promo on Instagram where she’s crying. She captioned the image, “When the new promo drops and you find out you’re an ugly crier…” Whatever tears may spill along the way, it seems like Trott’s a serious contender for James’ heart. And did we mention she’s a trained fire dancer? Because she’s a trained fire dancer. Matt James better look out so he doesn’t get burned!

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