What you don’t know about Susan Page’s husband

Vice Presidential debate moderator Susan Page is a member of journalistic royalty. Aside from being the head of USA Today‘s Washington bureau, she’s also married to Carl Leubsdorf, retired Washington bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News

While fellow journalists might know him from that, as well as from his stint as the president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, those of us who watch videos of the annual black tie correspondents dinner also know him as “one of the dudes that Jon Stewart called out in 1997.” Stewart said he had gotten nervous about doing the event, but did it because his mother said, “When in your lifetime do you think you’ll ever get the opportunity to meet, or even really eat in the same room as the Carl Leubsdorf?” Stewart then said: “They told me that name would work, I really don’t know who he is… Carl, I know you’re thinking the same thing about me too.” Heavy, who reported the exchange, also helpfully provided the clip where you can catch the shoutout, too.  

Leubsdorf is still known for his columns

Just because he’s retired doesn’t mean he’s stepped away from journalism. He still writes a regular column for the Dallas Morning News. In one of his most recent editorials, he panned last week’s presidential debates, saying: “From the outset, Tuesday night’s 90-minute nationally televised confrontation in Cleveland was a brawl unbefitting the presidency, ‘a pure train wreck,’ as NBC’s Chuck Todd put it” (via Limaohio).

Leubsdorf also enjoys looking into his journalistic crystal ball and making a few predictions about what is to come. His “not-so-serious” predictions for 2020 included Trump choosing Ivanka as his running mate instead, and that the Trump-Trump ticket would go head to head against rival Democratic slate with Pete Buttigieg as president, and Stacey Adams as his VP pick. He also sees recounts confirming Mayor Pete’s victory in December. But he gets points off for not having predicted the pandemic (via The Virginian-Pilot). 

While Leubsdorf is a registered Democrat, his wife is not affiliated with any party. They were married in 1982.

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