Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Believes Coronavirus Is a 'Punishment' From God

“All of us need a wake up call, we need to change our ways because obviously it wasn’t working and we needed a punishment and this is it,” Jax expressed.

Jax Taylor said he thinks coronavirus is a "punishment" from "the man upstairs."

On Sunday, the "Vanderpump Rules" star shared a lengthy social media post that suggested the global pandemic was due to the sins of humanity.

"I know a lot of people are out of work and are having a rough time and that sucks and I am so sorry, but I feel like this is a punishment from the man upstairs," Jax, 40, began in the message, which he shared on Twitter and Instagram.

"I really think he’s tired of the way we treat people, he’s tired of how we treat the planet, probably thinks some of us are ungrateful, I mean I could go on and on," he continued, "but this is like a serious ‘time out’ for the world."

The Bravo star went on to express his belief that we all need to "change for the better" when this is all over.

"All of us need a wake up call, we need to change our ways because obviously it wasn’t working and we needed a punishment and this is it," he explained. "The true test will be how we come out of this, and when we do, remember what it was like when our freedom was taken from us."

"Let’s show the man upstairs that we can do better for ourselves and humanity," he concluded the message, adding heart and cross emojis. "He’s done so much for us, it’s time to pay him back."

Though he had the comments turned off before he deleted the Instagram post — which he later added to his Stories — people on Twitter were free to offer their thoughts on Jax’s bold message. And users didn’t hold back in the slightest and absolutely ripped Jax in the replies.

"Ummm….since when did you become religious?! How about some self-reflection as you are FAR from a saint," a person wrote. "I saw others who commented & you blocked them. You are not sorry that others are out of work as you only care about yourself & are the ungrateful 1."

"This is disgusting. You should be ashamed for posting… but I guess you’ve always set the lowest bar for humanity," another added, also pointing out that Jax blocked them after their comment.

While most of the replies were negative, there were a few people who agreed with Jax.

"I was thinking the same thing," a fan tweeted. "I’m appalled at the way some young women conduct themselves these days. They wear bikinis with their cheeks hanging out and dont even get me started on this disgusting thing called twerking! It’s time they start respecting themselves! Men too!"

Jax wasn’t the first reality star to bring up religion amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, Kourtney Kardashian shared a Bible verse about repenting for our sins. To see more on that, click here.

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