Tom Holland’s Shirtless Handstand Instagram Challenge Is Such A Weird Thirst Trap

Spider-Man star Tom Holland participated in a bizarre challenge on Instagram this week due to boredom during self-quarantine. While some artists are creating music, writing poems, and holding concerts on IG live, others are taking some drastic measures to stay entertained. Such is the case with Holland. TBH, you’ll have to see the actor’s video to believe it, because Tom Holland’s shirtless handstand Instagram challenge is such a weird thirst trap.

Ironically, Holland talked about deleting Instagram from his phone back in February 2020. During an interview with E! News, Holland said he wouldn’t mind seeing Instagram gone from the world. He said of the app: "It was taking over my life, and I was becoming obsessed by it. Like, ‘How many likes did I get?’ and ‘What did people say about my picture.’" He admitted that he found himself "focusing more" on Instagram than he was his real life, which prompted him to take a break for a while. Now, it appears that the Onward star is back from his break, and he returned with an epic IG challenge post.

Perhaps it’s due to the coronavirus lockdown, or maybe he’s just made peace with his love for the social media app, but whatever the case, Holland totally took over Instagram with a wild video of himself. Holland’s shirtless handstand challenge on his Instagram Stories is definitely a thirst trap. The challenge involves doing a shirtless handstand while trying to put a T-shirt on, and although Holland completed the challenge, he did appear to struggle a lot. At the end of his video he challenged Jake Gyllenhaal, Harrison Osterfield, and Ryan Reynolds to participate as well.

Gyllenhaal was right on board, but did give Holland a hard time first, delaying his video challenge. His initial reply was, "Wait. @tomholland2013 What’s the challenge??? Shirtless heavy breathing??"

Gyllenhaal did upload his own shirtless challenge to his Stories, putting his shirt on a bit more easily than Holland did, all while sporting a casual ponytail:

However, Ryan Reynolds was not as happy to oblige. Instead, he replied to Holland’s challenge with a rather priceless expression:

While Reynold’s face and delayed reply of "No" is everything, some are undoubtedly disappointed that he didn’t show off his bod like his celeb friends.

Meanwhile, it looks like Holland’s pal Osterfield could teach him a thing or two. He performed the challenge on his Instagram Stories and decided it was a good idea to get his teeth involved.

It’s unclear exactly how this headstand T-shirt challenge got started, but it has definitely taken off on Instagram thanks to Holland and Gyllenhaal. Now fans are waiting to see which stars may attempt it next.

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