Tom Hanks son Chet punches girlfriend in stomach in gruelling workout session

Ziwe grills Chet Hanks on his patois accent

Tom Hanks’ son, Chet, was every inch the devoted boyfriend as he helped his girlfriend, Melissa Mays, train for her cage fights.

In a new video shared on Instagram, he could be seen holding up the pads so that Mays could practice her powerful kicks, which may come in handy in her next fight.

But the most shocking scenes in the short clip come as Hanks punches Mays in her stomach while she stands there with a smile on her face.

Along with the video, the fighter added the caption: “Can you take these hits?”

The video update was shared on Mays’ Instagram profile, which allows fans an insight into Hanks’ life as his was completely wiped.

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The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson recently revealed he had covered up his illuminati chest tattoo with a bold new cross as he proclaimed his new life purpose is to “serve God”.

The 32-year-old revealed a bold new cross tattoo across his chest, covering up what used to be the illuminati symbol of an eye over a pyramid, on Instagram earlier this week.

Alongside his tattoo’s debut, the Hollywood star made a candid declaration writing: “I have been in character for as long as I’ve been in the public eye. I’ve played many roles and worn many masks.

“Actor. Rapper. Fitness guy. Lambo guy. None of them are the real me. I am an expert at playing the fool because I learned it as a survival mechanism.

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“But the more I look around at the world I see that the world doesn’t need any more caricatures. False depictions of who we think we need to be. There’s only one thing the world needs more of and that’s God.

“All the pain in my life has been the result of one thing – the lie of believing that my purpose is anything but just serving God.”

In the caption, the YouTube star, who was a self-professed atheist until his late teens, added: “It’s not fully clear to me yet how I can best serve Him but I feel that this level of honesty is a starting point. And I know He will continue to reveal more.

Chet then deleted every single one of his Instagram posts, leaving an empty page with the bio reading: “God is the greatest.”

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