The untold truth of Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s marriage

If you’re a fan of Married At First Sight, you’ll remember Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from season 1. The two hadn’t met, yet alone talked or seen each other, before walking down the aisle and saying “I do” (all while being filmed, of course) as part of social experiment, similar to Netflix’s Love Is Blind. “We were married as complete strangers 5 1/2 years ago,” Otis wrote on her Instagram in November 2019. “Like, what are the odds something like that actually works out?” While the odds must be low, the two have been together ever since. 

However, it wasn’t all roses and daisies. As Otis recalls, the moment she started walking down the aisle, she had started crying. “I remember walking down the aisle crying — and they weren’t the happy tears. I legit had a panic attack after I said “I do.” She continued, “As I was walking down the aisle & my eyes met with my stranger hubby’s for the very first time, I lost it. I felt no spark, no chemistry, and no attraction. I just panicked. That was NOT how I envisioned my wedding.” 

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have been through a lot together

Feelings quickly changed, however, as Otis continued on Instagram, explaining, “But then my hubby was patient, loving and FUNNY. I kept my mind open and didn’t push him away (but i did have boundaries). He slowly tore my walls down and we fell madly, deeply in love.”

As for life outside of their marriage, Otis revealed on her website, “One of the first things my husband learned about me is that I am a workaholic.” She’s a TV host, registered nurse, author, and founder of her own jewelry brand, Jamie Otis™. Hehner, on the hand, works at Dodge Data & Analytics as a business development manager (via LinkedIn). The two currently live in New  Jersey however they recently revealed that they are “house hunting hardcore” in Florida before baby number two arrives (via Us Weekly).

Yes, you read that right. Though they have tragically suffered the loss of a son and two more miscarriages, Otis and Hehner share one daughter, Henley Grace, and have a baby boy on the way (via People). The best part? They also host a podcast called Hot Marriage, Cool Parents, where the couple talks about their life as (you guessed it) being married and life as parents. Talk about busy!

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