The Killers’ Music Publishing Catalog Acquired By Eldridge

Eldridge will acquire The Killers‘ music publishing catalog from its chart-topping studio albums released before 2020.

The Killers will continue to own their share of master recording income, including from synchronizations secured by Eldridge and the rock band, the two parties jointly announced Tuesday.

“We have the greatest fans in the world,” said Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers. “Eldridge’s broad network across music, television, and film will provide new opportunities for our music to be enjoyed by millions across the globe.”

The partnership marks the first music catalog transaction for Eldridge, furthering the company’s strategy of supporting leading content across film, television, live events, music and sports.

“The Killers have been an icon of American music for nearly two decades,” said Tony Minella, Co-founder and President of Eldridge. “As huge fans ourselves, we’re excited to partner with an incredibly talented band that has such an original sound, impactful lyrics, and the remarkable ability to connect generations through their music.”

(Photo: Olivia Bee)

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